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Indianapolis, IN     Saturday, June 08 & 15, 2013     All Times  8:30 AM

******************Special Note ******************  

Pre book  lanes and times are below

Captains: please remind all your bowlers that they must check into the tournament office at least one hour before scheduled bowling time on Saturday. They must have their USBC cards with them.

15 Pin Rule: At the time of bowling if your average of 21 games or more is 15 pins or more higher than last year's average, the current average must be used.

Prize winning: 319 d. - Anyone who has qualified for a prize of $600.00 or more must report the amount of prize, actual score bowled, prize position and tournament in which they were paid or qualified for a prize of $600.00 or more.

This list is unofficial until all teams are payed and confirmed by the tournament Mgt.                   

Pending   Pending          Pending                          Pending                          
Team # Team #NameName
006165/66Pete Johnson
006166Anthony R. Smith Jr.Andrew Smith, Jr.
006166Reggie ByrdAnthony R. Smith, Sr.
006123Paul Colomboni Kevin Sallis
006123Alvin Simmons Tommy G. Cole
006123Kenny Benefield Ken Burrell
006124Eric Somerset Ernest Farris
006124Quentin C. BanksJames Cunningham
00L6122Solina SimmonsNorma Cunningham
00L6122Alexia K. YoungerBarbara D. Younger
00L6122Tammye BenefieldZonnie Smith
00L6127Felicia Blissitt-HilsonMichelle Weatherly
00L6127Tia Bryant Patricia Bryant
00L6127/69 Cassandra E. Jones Veronica Edwards
006165Kenlan BurtDerrick Moses
006165Ray AllenWillie J. Wilson Sr.      
00L5123Jean SmithJosephine Williams
00L5123Joyce Porche JonesMillie Thomas
005125Dave CarterDavid Seroy
005125Tom Johnson Jr.Leonard Mc Laughlin
005125Otis GoodmanTommy Sykes
00L6167Darnita SpraggsIvana T. Miles
00L6167Lynette JonesShelia Walker
00L6167Krystal CollinsTinecha F. Banks
006164Abren WilliamsPatrick F. Wallace
006164George FreemanFinus Douglas
006164Robert BenavidezTorvis Robinson
005124Gus AlmonDavid Collins
005128Ronald BellKeith Lacey
005128Jamal SimmonFrank Montgomery
005126Caleb Glover, Jr.Frank Bellmon
005126Albert GloverRobert Heard
005126Otis Laws, Sr.Gene D. Rice
006163Donn MartinGerald Miles
006163Larry WaktinsAnthony L. Bridges
00L6169Drunell LangstonDonna Jones
005124Marcus BuffordRyzell McKinney
006162Charlie ThomasTony Coleman
00L5127Shandra WrightMichelle Murry
00L5127Edith SeroyDelia G McLaughlin
000000Carl S. PuckettBryan T. Long
00L5127Ivy Payne-CareyJessica Perry
006162Anthony HiltonMike Ballard
000000James W. RichmondSell Knox
00Sherman Jones

             If you have questions? call Tony Bridges 630-688-6614